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Hardwood floors have been used for centuries in homes and despite changes in trends and times, they’ve never gone out of style. From the bedroom to a more lived in area such as the kitchen or den, they look amazing with just about any design treatments that you have in your home.

Wood floors are perfect for any personality — each plank tells a story. The versatility of colors, grain, and texture allow our experts at Creative Tile & Hardwood Floor to fit your home with a personalized style. We promise there’s something here for you!


Thinking a shabby chic home? This beautiful natural floor is perfect by Naturally Aged.

wood flooring, wood floors, home decor, interior design
Naturally Aged Wood Floors 

Want a modern upscale feel? Darkened wood floor with tight wood grain!

wood floors, interior design, home decor
Naturally Aged Flooring

Wood flooring can be dramatic, romantic, and yes, even sexy!  These gorgeous floors below are by Listone Giordano and are available in SWFL exclusively at Creative Tile.

wood floors, home decor, interior design
Listone Giordano
wood floors, home decor, interior design.
Listone Giordano
wood floors, home decor, interior design
Listone Giordano

There’s a warmth added to your home when you have hardwood floors — not a literal one, luckily! Think of the your bare feet on textured wood, the rustic compliments of natural beauty, and a dash of sophistication that your home may be missing. These things add character to a space you’re proud to call “home”.


Another benefit of hardwood floors is the increase in resale value of your home. reminds us that hardwood flooring is an automatic boost to your home’s value. Due to the appreciation by homeowners, hardwood flooring genuinely will be coveted by home buyers and an important aspect to consider if planning to resell your home later down the line.

Here at Creative Tile & Hardwood Floor, it’s our mission to match you with the perfect flooring for your home. Our experts are able to offer the best pricing and latest style trends through our official vendors. If you’re interested in having an expert speak with you about flooring options, contact us  or call us at 239-513-0200

These beautiful selections and more are available at our showroom in Naples at 1853 Trade Center Way.  Give us call and lets us help you fall in love!

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