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A swimming pool feels like a necessity for a homes in Florida. And if you’re going to have a pool, you might as well make a big splash. (Pun totally intended.) We’ve collected some amazing POOLSPIRATION for your next aquatic design project, let us know which one you wouldn’t mind taking a dip in.


Hop on a plane over to Tuscany and you’ll find yourself closer to Terme Villa Borri, a hotel with a world-renowned spa. With strong ties to Mediterranean culture, the architects have created a swimming pool that is divided by elegantly elevated walkway. This allows guests traversing through the spa to see the luxury first-hand. We’re a big fan of indoor pools (no worries about weather!) and the unique walkway adds a more inclusive, practical design.


Jorge Sánchez, a founding partner of SMI Landscape Architecture, Inc., finds solace in creating civilized jungles of greenery to partner with strong stonework for residential pools. An example would be the pool area of the Casa Bendita, in Palm Beach, which features a historic coquina stone wall. It is punctuated with large oil jars and rays of stephanotis set in a bed of begonias.

What we love most about this pool is the balance of nature and man-made to create a harmonious environment.


Can you believe that residential lazy rivers are one of the newest trends for pools? This grand imagining of relaxation offer immense value to any backyard. Peter Davidson of Current Systems, a manufacturer of products used in massive waterways chimed in on the rising trend…

“It’s catching on,” he says. “We’ve been trying to encourage this market for the last five or six years, and it’s been steady growth. I think it’s taken the biggest leap in the last couple years.”

Your personal lazy river isn’t out of reach yet!

Have you found some POOLSPIRATION from these amazing designs? Give us a call at 239-513-0200or contact us . Our tile design experts can get you the information needed to start your big pool renovation project!

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