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Spring is in full swing in Southwest Florida.

We’ve been dusting off the pollen from our cars and helping clients get their spring renovation in gear! Are you ready to be busy as a bee this season keeping your home and pool area looking their best?

clean backsplash

clean pool tile

At Creative Tile & Hardwood Floor, we’re here to give you some DIY tips to keep your house looking great and help with professional services!


Having an arsenal of cleaning and protective products is our first suggestion for a tidy home. Make sure to have ample amounts of cleaning towels, hard-bristled brushes, mops, and chemicals specifically made for tile.

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We advise you place furniture pads on furniture to ensure scuffing and scratches are left to a minimum. Too late for that? Don’t worry, we offer tile and marble restoration/replacement for almost any situation!


Dead on your feet as soon as you get home? Keep cleaning to a minimum by scheduling small instances of clean up. For example, when cooking your well-earned dinner, try and use a damp mop to tidy up while you’re in the kitchen. It will keep build up of grime, surface stains, and dirt to a minimum and prevent long cleaning sessions.

Never use dish soap or detergent on tile as it can dull and deteriorate a surface. We want your floors and countertops to look their best, after all!


Buying a steam mop or renting a floor cleaning device can often cause more harm than good. High temperatures can cause damage to tile if used inappropriately, so we advise anyone who is looking for a deep clean of their tile floor to call an expert.

We are a full service flooring needs provider.  Not only do we have the showroom and new install capabilities, but we have a full time service department.

We offer cleaning and sealing of your floors, showers, tubs, pool decks and counter tops.  We can polish and hone existing floors.  The service department specializes in touch ups of grout and caulk throughout your home, and can repair broken or damaged tile, stone, and hardwood flooring throughout your home.  We even offer maintenance contracts for commercial high rises and condominium buildings, country clubs, etc.


“For those who want to crank spring cleaning to the next level, replacing your old tile floor is easier than you’d think!  Our RIDE ON TILE REMOVER takes off the old tile efficiently and more quietly than traditional methods.  No jack hammers to drive your neighbors crazy!


We are here to assist you in keeping your home looking its best! Call us at  (239) 513-0200 or contact us today (

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