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Creative Tile & Hardwood is taking it a step forward for home improvements. We’ve spent the last four months looking at the most well-received trends for bathrooms. Find out our list for our top 3 bathroom trends for 2018!


Adding technological advancements into your bathroom isn’t something straight from a Sci-Fi movie. Contrary to popular belief, it’s becoming more common to add these accessories to your bathroom. Some examples include touch mirrors, motion-sensor lights and voice activated speakers. These additions make you want to spend more time in your bathroom and add to an experience that your guests will love.

If you’re looking for more practical technology improvements, we have a few!

Kohler’s new technology allows you to control everything with an app on your phone – because we know you take in everywhere….


Just like fashion, partnering exciting patterns with others adds a unique balance to your bathroom. Since most bathrooms have small spaces, many design trends of yesteryear avoided such things but now? 2018 is going BIG in a daring way.

Subway tiles are BIG right now! Their minimalistic designs allow a vast assortment of options to be the main focus of your room. Try a dark grout to make these classic tiles look contemporary or go bold with an unexpected color.

It’s called a classic for a reason.  Look at the clean, crisp white subway tiles in the bath.  When combined with the wood accents and waxed concrete floor, I think home spa.

Classic white subway tiles from ADEXUSA are always right!


Soft feminine curtain agains the dark grout and subway tiles. Pinterest
Color makes a statement.


We spent this year getting savvy on how much of a focal piece your sink is.

Our biggest suggestion is vessel sinks. which are hand carved. They add an organic touch to your bathroom, allowing you to blend the outdoors in when… you know, nature calls! Vessel sinks are often one-of-a-kind and created with different styles and pulls from design eras.

For a natural look, this sink below from Signature Hardware is perfect!

Organic, artistic and functional!

A contemporary space needs complimentary sinks.  These beauties by Ciello come in sooo many color choices, you’ll find it hard to decide.

Luscious color options!


If you’re about to start a bathroom remodel, remember there are many more options than just showroom models. The bathroom is your sanctuary! If you’d like to talk long-lasted trends for your bathroom, give us a call at 239-513-0200or contact us to talk to an expert! Flooring and tile are the easiest starting points for major renovations, so let’s get started!



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