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Looking for a beautiful and unique way to give your home some personality?  Mosaic tiles may be the perfect fit for you. Unlike ordinary tiles, mosaic tiles are full of rich color and an even richer history.

Due to their durability, mosaic tiles have often withstood the test of time versus their wood and glass counterparts. Even during the destruction of Pompeii, some mosaic tile has survived! Check out this video!

But unlike the homeowners in Pompeii, these updated and refreshed tiles are available in new colors, finishes and materials like organic glazes, glass, terra cotta, and cement.  With all the new choices, you’re bound to find a style to make you fall in love.

Think of mosaic as the jewel of your home — a unique accent perfect for you!. Here are a few reasons to consider mosaic tile in your next design project:


Your home needs to be an extension of you. The sheer variety of patterns, colors, finishes, and styles of mosaic tiles allow any design dream to come true. At Creative Tile & Hardwood Floors, we are experts at walking you through the steps of finding that right fit.

Mosaic tiles speak to any style of design — traditional, modern, or contemporary, you can rest assured there is a collection of tiles to fit any room. We strive to offer that to our customers.

Imagine beautiful silver tiled swirls coasting upwards on aquamarine tile to add the perfect focal piece to your coastal-inspired kitchen backsplash. Or sprawling pattern of gold, and copper dancing across your bathroom floor. The possibilities are endless!


Any room can be enhanced with mosaic tiles – kitchens, bathroom, mud rooms, spas and even pools! Customizing tiles and designs are easy with design experts, but even installation can be done by novice DIY-savvy homeowners. There’s no “bad” place to put a beautiful mosaic!

Our qualified design experts at Creative Tile & Hardwood Floors will help pinpoint a unique design will be able to be incorporated into multiple rooms.

Think of the fire pit in your back yard, the lining of your pool, the walls of your shower.  Let your imagination run wild!


Once of the best things about these mosaic tiles is that they require very low maintenance.

Mosaic tiles are durable. The tiles are able to withstand extreme conditions. Tile floors can be swept clean and polished occasionally to keep them in good condition, without fear of discoloring or water stains.

If an issue does occur and your mosaic is damaged, don’t stress out! Replacement tiles are easy to repair and replace. Simply put: one tile can be individually removed if needed instead of stripping a whole section.


If you’re the type of person who enjoys beauty and function  and would like a dash of personality in your home — there’s no comparison. Mosaic tile is PERFECT for you.

Creative Tile & Hardwood Floors specialize in helping to create jaw-dropping designs for any unique home.

Give us a call at 239-513-0200 or click here to have one of our experts contact you about new mosaic tiles in your home!

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