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You know you need new flooring, but you have no idea where to start. With the countless number of options, maybe you need to fall in “love” with a look before you go forth. Think of it like visiting a hair salon and having a photograph for your stylist — it eliminates most of the guess work!

Don’t worry about scouring Google images and following them to weird blogs or dead links. We have found three modern places to find inspiration for any design project. Yes, we mean any.


It’s not just for saving your favorite recipes or DIY hacks… Pinterest is an amazing social media platform that allows you to make things called “boards” where you organize similar items or put all of your visual references into one place.

For example, if we are looking for wood floors, we are able to save posts from other users who have uploaded pictures or websites featuring wood floors into one board. However, if you’d like to group by room, you’re able to save multiple aspects of the kitchen (sinks, islands, backsplashes) into one board to get a bigger picture of the final product.

Visual aid helps our Creative Tile and Hardwood experts match the style you’re looking for. So get to “pinning” onto your boards!


– Start with searching simple terms like “flooring” for a wide variety of styles.
– You will find a lot of DIY projects, don’t be fooled! Leave floor installation to the experts. Stay away from laminate and vinyl, as those could have the larger margin for errors if trying anything at home.
– Collaborate! You’re able to make your board public to share with your loved ones who could have their own opinions.


What we love most about HGTV is the constant entertainment! You can easily find a television show that appeals to anyone and captures your attention. We’re big fans of House Hunters to show versatile walks of life and ways to approach design. While we don’t suggest to take everything said and shown to heart for budgetary concern, it’s a good place to get started.

HGTV has built an empire empowering people to find or make the home of their dreams — and that’s exactly the type of television we love to see. Their flexible scheduled programming and blog help millions of people around the world to find a “style” that may be perfect for them.

– Check your cable’s on demand stations for binge-watching. Some of the guys at Creative Tile can put down a whole season in one day!
– Further your research online. If you see something you like, make sure to look it up online or speak to one of our experts on how we can make it happen.
– Keep a pad of paper handy when watching, you never know when you may want to take down some brand names, make a list of colors you like together, or even a city to look for real estate!


Okay, okay, we’re a little biased here. With over 40 years of experience, we have seen a lot of trends come and go, but our eyes are always on the future. When it’s time to get serious about making your dreams a reality, our staff ensures the time wishing will be well worth it.

Sometimes we need inspiration to push us to accomplish the goals we want for the year. We are dedicated to offering a local, small business approach to give you the individual attention for your design projects. One of our favorite parts of this job is meeting with the client to hear their ideas and see their face light up when we have the affordable design solution for them.

– Come meet with one of our experts for the most direct involvement of starting your design project.
– Got a question, not ready to meet? We are available by phone (239) 513-0200 or contacting us via our contact form.
– Ask a lot of questions! We don’t shy away from going over options and answering any questions you have about projects, installations, or the products themselves.
– If there’s a problem with service, our team is here to help. Customer service is extremely important to our values and we pride ourselves on being able to help customers.

With these three places, we hope you’re able to inspire yourself and get started on your next big design project!

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